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Oil and Gas Economics (Pricing, Rig Count, etc)

Oil and Gas Data (Bloomberg Energy)

Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG)

CGI Market Prices

Oil and Gas Data (CNN Financial Network)

Oil, Gas, and Derivative Prices and Futures

Energy Information Administration (EIA)


Natural Gas Weekly Update

North American Rotary Rigs

Oil and Gas Center

Oil and Gas Data (New York Merchantile Exchange)


US Natural Gas Markets: Mid-Term Prospects for Natural Gas Supply

This Week in Petroleum (EIA)

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Oil and Gas News

Dallas Morning News

Energy Tribune

Fort Worth Star-Telegram


NGI's Shale Daily

No Hot Air - Unconventional Wisdom Market Intelligence

The Times-Tribune Gas Drilling News ***


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State Agencies

Alabama State Oil & Gas Board

Alaska Division of Oil and Gas

Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Arkansas Oil and Gas Commision

California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commision

Florida Geological Survey

Illinois Division of Oil and Gas

Illinois Enviromental Protection Agency

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Indiana Division of Oil and Gas

Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission

Kansas Corporation Commission

Kentucky Oil and Gas Conservation Division

Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas Conservation

Louisiana Department of Enviromental Quality

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

Louisiana Office of Conservation

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Maryland Department of the Enviroment

Michigan Department of Enviromental Quality

Michigan Public Service Commission

Mississippi Department of Enviromental Quality

Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board

Missouri Department of Conservation

Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation

Montana Department of Enviromental Quality

Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

Nebraska Department of Enviromental Quality

Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Nevada Commission on Mineral Resources

Nevada Department of Enviromental Protection

New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources

New Mexico Corporation Commission

New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources

New Mexico Enviroment Department

New Mexico Water Resources (USGS Site)

New York Department of Enviromental Conservation

New York Division of Mineral Resources

North Carolina Departmen of Enviroment and Natural Resources

North Carolina Division of Land Resources

North Carolina Geological Survey

North Dakota Geological Study

North Dakota Industrial Commision

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Ohio Division of Mineral Resources Management

Ohio Enviromental Protection Agency

Ohio Geological Survey

Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Oklahoma Department of Enviromental Quality

Oklahoma Energy Resources Board

Oklahoma Geological Survey

Oregon Department of Enviromental Quality

Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Pennsylvania Bureau of Oil and Gas Management

Pennsylvania Department of Enviromental Protection

Texas Bureau of Economic Geology

Texas Commission on Enviromental Quality

Texas Railroad Commission

Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

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Federal Government

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Bureau of Land Management

Chemical Safety Board

Department of Energy (DOE)

Department of Interior

Department of Transportation, Office of Pipeline Safety

Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Environmental Council of the States

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency Oil Program

EPA Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Site

Federal Energy Bar Association

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Federal Government Federal Statistics

Fossil Energy Online - DOE

General Land Office Records


Mineral Management Service (MMS)

National Archives and Records Administration

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

THOMAS (Legislative Information)

United States Senate

United State Department of Treasury

United States Geological Survey

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Industry Associations

Alaska Oil & Gas Association

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

American Association of Professional Landman (AAPL)

ADAM Energy Forum

America's Natural Gas Alliance

American Gas Association

American Petroleum Institute

American Royalty Council

Association of Desk & Derrick Clubs

Association of Energy Service Companies

California Independent Petroleum Associations (CIPA)

Coalbed Natural Gas Alliance

Colorado Oil and Gas Association

Dallas Association of Petroleum Landman (DAPL)

Dallas Geological Society (DGS)

East Texas Association of Petroleum Landmen (ETAPL)

East Texas Geological Society

Energy and Mineral Law Foundation

Fort Worth Association of Professional Landman (FWAPL)

Fort Worth Geological Society

Houston Association of Professional Landmen (HAPL) ***

Illinois Oil & Gas Association (IOGA)

Independent Petroleum Association of America

Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States

International Association of Drilling Contractors

Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association

Louisiana Independent Oil & Gas Association (LIOGA)

Michael Late Benedum Chapter American Association of Professional Landmen ***

Michigan Oil and Gas Association (MOGA)

Mississippi Geological Society

Mountain States Legal Foundation

National Association of Division Order Analysts

National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO)

National Association of Lease and Title Analysts

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)

National Association of Royalty Owners

National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO)

National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators

National Petroleum Council

New Mexico Oil & Gas Association

New Orleans Geological Society

Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association

Oklahoma Geological Society

Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission

Panhandle Association of Petroleum Landman

Panhandle Producers & Royalty Owners Association

Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Association

Permian Basin Landman's Association

Permian Basin Petroleum Association

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG)

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Southeastern Ohio Oil and Gas Association ***

Southwest Kansas Royalty Owners Association

Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association

Texas Land & Mineral Owners Association

Texas Oil & Gas Association

Texas Pipeline Association

West Texas Geological Society

West Virginia Independent Oil and Gas Association

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Oil and Gas Royalty Information

API: Oil and Natural Gas Royalties

Fractionalization: Looking For Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Mineral Rights and Royalties

Oil and Gas Lease and Royalty Information

Oil and Gas Royalty Information

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Oil and Gas Industry Information

Arkansas County Data

Arkansas Land Ownership Records

ConocoPhillips Crude Oil Price Bulletin

Drilling Terms

EPA SPCC Program


Burmass: Permian Basin Oil and Gas Directory

Mineral Web

Natural Gas Glossary

North American Petroleum Expo (NAPE)

DOL: Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing eTool

Geologic Dictionary

Natural Gas Resource Center

Oil and Gas Online

Oil On Line


Oil and Gas Center

Oil-law Records - Oklahoma Corporation Commission Filings

Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary

WTRG Economics

Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC)

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Oil and Gas Publications

American Oil & Gas Reporter

Hart Energy

Lewis Mosburg's Oil & Gas Newsletter

Oil and Gas Investor

Oil and Gas Journal

Penn Energy

Petroleum World


Rocky Mountain Oil Journal


World Oil

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Oil and Gas Industry and Miscellaneous

Oil and Gas Center

Alexander's Gas and Oil Connections

American Oil & Gas Historical Society

Black Bart Data Company


Energy Connection

History of the Oil Industry

How Oil Wells are Drilled

Impact of China and India on Oil and Strategic Metal Prices


Landman 111

Landman Connection


Mineral Energy Data Systems

Oilfield Photography

PAYDIRT - Gifts from the Oil Patch

Nancy and Jake L Hamon Oil and Gas Resource Center

Petroleum Place

Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation

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Hydraulic Fracturing

Frac Focus

Hydraulic Fracturing (IOGCC)

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Oil and Gas Operators

Texas RRC Oil and Gas Directory

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Apache Corporation

BHP Billiton

BP America Production Company

Chesapeake Energy

Citation Oil & Gas Corp

Comstock Resources

Concho Resources


Denbury Resources Inc.

Devon Energy

Encana Corporation

EOG Resources, Inc.

EXCO Resources


GMX Resources

Goodrich Petroleum Corporation

Hunt Oil Company

J-W Operating Company

Merit Energy Company

Penn Virginia

Petrohawk Energy Corporation

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

Pioneer Natural Resources

Plains Exploration

Range Resources

Samson Resources


XTO Energy

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State Governments

Alabama Home Page

Alaska Home Page

Arizona Home Page

Arkansas Home Page

California Home Page

Colorado Home Page

Florida Home Page

Georgia Home Page

Idaho Home Page

Illinois Home Page

Indiana Home Page

Kansas Home Page

Kentucky Home Page

Louisiana Home Page

Maryland Home Page

Michigan Home Page

Mississippi Home Page

Missouri Home Page

Montana Home Page

Nebraska Home Page

Nevada Home Page

New Mexico Home Page

New York Home Page

North Carolina Home Page

Ohio Home Page

Oklahoma Home Page

Oregon Home Page

Pennsylvania Home Page

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Oil and Gas Law Blogs

E2 Oil and Gas Law Blog (Greenberg Traurig, LLP)

Energy Alerts, Advisories, and Updates (Steptoe & Johnson)

The Energy Law Blog (Liskow & Lewis)

Enviromental Law Resource (Reed Smith)

LNG Law Blog

Oil and Gas Law Blog (Bassi, McCune & Vreeland, PC)

Oil and Gas Lawyer Blog (John McFarland of Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody)

Texas Attorney Blog

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Barnett Shale Information

Barnett Shale Blog

Barnett Shale Drilling Activity

Barnett Shale Energy Education Council

Barnett Shale Gas

Barnett Shale Maps

Barnett Shale Wikipedia

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Haynesville Shale Information

DrillingInfo.com Haynesville Shale

Geology.com Haynesville Shale

Go Haynesville Shale

Haynesville - A Nation's Hunt for an Energy Future


Haynesville Shale Wikipedia

Haynesville Shale Education Center (LOGA)

Louisiana DNR Haynesville Shale

Railroad Commission Haynesville - Bossier Shale Information

Shreveport Shale

Shreveport Times Haynesville Shale

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Marcellus Shale Information

Marcellus Drilling News

Marcellus Drilling Resource Page: Sierra Club


Marcellus Shale Coalition

Marcellus Shale Information (Geology.com)

Natural Gas Hydro-Facking in Marcellus Shale (Citizens Campaign for the Environment)

Pennsylvania General Energy: Marcellus Shale Development

ShaleBlog.com: Marcellus Shale News


DRILLING DOWN: Marcellus Shale ***

Digging Deeper Into the Ohio Valley Shale ***

Marcellus Minutes ***

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Oil and Gas Investing

Trading Newsletters

Oil and Gold Newsletter

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Oil and Gas Jobs and Career

America's Job Bank

Apply Oil and Gas Job

Earth Science Jobs


Energy Placement

Geoscience Jobs

Global Energy Jobs

InfoOil Careers

Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Oil and Gas Job Search

Penn Energy Jobs

Profesional Energy Jobs

US Oil Jobs

Gas and Shale Jobs ***

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Oil and Gas Books

Investing in Oil and Gas

Money in the Ground

The Prize

Oil 101

Oil and Gas Law in a Nut Shell

Oil and Gas Production in Nontechnical Language

*** User Submitted Links

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